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New York City-based wordsmith, A. Scott Boddie has a flair for writing fiction and high fantasy which makes him a sought after writer. His passion to create strong, fluid, and narrative driven books is highlighted in his works. Mr. Boddie received his BBA and MBA from Baker College before spending two decades working in the financial industry. At the age of 40, he left the corporate world to pursue his real passion -- writing. Since first reading “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak in grade school, he knew that he was meant to tell his fantastical stories to the world. Inspired by the likes of Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, David Sedaris, and Wally Lamb, Mr. Boddie creates characters with a unique voice and quirky personality -- characters who aren’t scared to share insecurities, fears, hopes, and dreams. Coming from a long line of oral storytellers, his natural ability to develop these characters through monologue and conversation make him one of the most intriguing writers of our time.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

New Novel - - Pre-order The Harlem Meer Killer $3.99 Release date October 9 2016

The Harlem Meer Killer Amazon

"For every waking moment of Nasir’s life, he has dreamed of a better life, but, unfortunately, he has
aggressions that he must release. At seventeen, he murders his parents. With their last breaths, his past disappears, and he does not mourn. Instead, he kills thirteen more times and becomes known
as the Harlem Meer Killer.

In front of the Elephant Rocks in Central Park—where Nasir seeks salvation from damnation—he meets Prince Sebastian, a vampire who immediately sweeps him away, baptizes him in the ocean, and promises to return. Suddenly Nasir’s mortal life as a serial killer gives way to a new immortal life as a vampire. As he anxiously awaits a reunion with the dark knight, Nasir mistakenly thinks that Sebastian’s kiss has cured him of his urge to kill. 

Unfortunately, he is wrong. As he takes human lovers, he becomes annoyed with their limited existence and kills each in a fit of anger. The only one Nasir can count on for true companionship is Noom, a she-wolf beast with aggressive hunting instincts. But Noom has no idea that she is about to assist Nasir in murdering Prince Sebastian—an event that will lead to Sebastian’s father, the King, placing bounties on each of their heads.

In this fantasy tale, Nasir, a vampire obsessed with his mission to survive Earth’s demise, transitions from slaughtering humans to murdering immortals, for Nasir only wants one thing—their powers."

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